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The Official Political Action Committee for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
and The Voice for Practical Mortgage Lending in the State of Texas!
Contributions can only be accepted from individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and other political action committees. Contributions made to the TMBPAC are neither deductible as a business expense nor as a charitable contribution.

Corporations cannot fund TMBPAC, so IT’S UP TO YOU! Help protect the mortgage industry in Texas by making a contribution to TMBPAC TODAY!

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TMBA represents your interests at the Texas Legislature, but no one’s voice carries more weight with your elected officials than your own. By sharing information and industry issues, you will increase awareness, knowledge, and boost support for the Texas mortgage industry. TMBA’s ADVOCACY ARMY is a network of individuals (MUST BE TMBA MEMBERS) such as yourself who help make sure our issues are heard by our State Legislators as they continue to affect the vitality of the future of Texas housing. By joining the TMBA Advocacy Army, you will be a part of a network of advocates who receive regular updates on how to get involved with specific legislative efforts.

In order to match you with your state representative and senator, please provide your home address below (this information will only be used for TMBA's Advocacy Army initiatives in order to match you with your legislator:
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*Contributions to TMBPAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to TMBPAC are voluntary. NO CONTRIBUTION MAY BE MADE, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FROM A CORPORATE ACCOUNT OF ANY TYPE (e.g., through a company check, debit card, credit card, or PayPal account linked to a corporate credit card or other corporate account).


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