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Founded in 1917, the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association has provided leadership, legislative advocacy, and education to the real estate finance industry. We promote fair and ethical lending practices among real estate finance professionals through a wide range of programs. As the oldest and largest statewide MBA, our mission is to advance Texas mortgage banking and serve the mutual interests of our members who support Texas' annual $100-plus billion mortgage market.

TMBPAC [make a contribution to the TMBPAC today!]
The Official Political Action Committee for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
and The Voice for Practical Mortgage Lending in the State of Texas!
TMBPAC - Importance
Decisions made by the State Legislature impact not only your livelihood, but your customer’s access to mortgage money as well. In order for our voice to be effective in the legislature, we must be successful at raising funds. We have the ability to support candidates who share our industry views. Also, we have a responsibility to protect not only our businesses, but an availability of competitive mortgage money to consumers. TMBPAC is a vehicle for individuals to collectively become involved in the political process in support of issues important to their work and lives.

Successfully Effective Legislation


  • Preserving the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending as an independent agency within the Finance Commission to oversee the mortgage industry and state chartered thrifts.
  • Supported legislation repealing antiquated code prohibiting home equity loans for agricultural property owners.
  • Supported legislation allowing county clerks to permit recording of a paper printout of an electronic documents in the real property records expanding the ability to have electronic closings in the 180 Texas counties that do not have electronic document recording capability.
  • Supported legislation amending the Texas SAFE Act to mirror federal act changes granting temporary authority to originate to a registered residential mortgage loan originator moving to a non-depository lender and to an out of state licensed residential mortgage loan originator.
  • Prevented multiple efforts to impose additional requirements on mortgage loan servicers.
  • Prevented legislation that would have elevated a subcontractor’s lien ahead of a mortgage lien and another proposal that would have prohibited a lender from enforcing a deed of trust if the borrower had claimed age or veteran deferrals for property taxes.


  • Simplification of loan originator licensing SB 1004. Drove the effort to reduce current 6 separate loan originator license types to a single license.  Crafted provisions to allow Texas to participate in the multistate license exam initiative.
  • Constitutional Amendment SJR 18. Brings Texas law on reverse mortgage in  line with all 49 other states by permitting a reverse mortgage for purchase.
  • Defeated anti-Mers legislation that would have imposed a $1,000 per transaction penalty for not filing an individual mortgage assignment when a loan is securitized or transferred.
  • Defeated 2 bills that would have made Texas out of compliance with SAFE and potentially risking CFPB takeover of mortgage licensing for Texas originators.
  • Defeated legislation that would have materially changed construction lending by imperiling lender lien priority and imposing additional obligations on construction lenders.
  • Defeated legislation that would have restricted mortgage servicing handling of casualty insurance proceeds.
  • Defeated several bills that would have imposed additional requirements on  mortgage loan servicers.
  • Fought and diverted multiple bills that would have amended the non judicial foreclosure provisions of the Property Code.
  • Successfully defended mortgage lien priority in opposing and  successfully modifying   3 separate bills.
  • Fought for property tax loan lending reform that has passed the Senate and awaits final vote on the floor of the House.

TMBPAC - Mission and Goal
TMBPAC’s mission is to provide funds and direction for action to be taken on legislative initiatives. Our goal is to provide funds necessary to promote TMBA legislative objectives, while encouraging total member involvement of contributions from each mortgage banker in the State of Texas.
TMBPAC - Getting Involved
Your TMBPAC contribution works collectively with that of other mortgage industry professionals to help candidates favorable to our issues. Your contributions go directly to candidates who share our philosophies and listen to our viewpoints. Your contribution reflects the commitment of our industry statewide. Help protect the mortgage industry in Texas by making a contribution to the TMBPAC today!
TMBPAC - Donation Information (TMBPAC Flyer)
All PAC contributions, like all other political contributions, must be made by individuals. Contributions can be accepted from individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and other political action committees. Corporation’s cannot fund TMBPAC. Mortgage bankers who operate as an individual or on an entrepreneur basis can contribute in that individual capacity. All political contributions are of public record and all PAC’s are required to make periodic reports to the Texas Ethic’s Commission of all contributions received and all contributions made to candidates. A PAC can make a contribution to another PAC unless it is precluded by its bylaws or governing documents. Contributions made to the TMBPAC are neither deductible as a business expense nor as a charitable contribution. Make your contribution online today
Opportunities for TMBA
TMBA faces the challenge to protect Texans in the real estate finance industry by proactively supporting legislative initiatives that move us forward. It is important for us to draw upon our collective experience to educate the Texas Legislature about financial services that are beneficial to Texans, as well as the real estate finance industry. What happens in Austin is critical to the ability of mortgage lenders to engage in mortgage lending fairly and profitably in this State. Collectively, we can make a greater impact in shaping elections than we can individually. Make a contribution to the TMBPAC and join with mortgage bankers and other industry professionals to help determine who gets elected to public office in this State and who will make the crucial decisions that affect our business.
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