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Texas Mortgage Lending Law & Practices DeskbookSecond Edition
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TMBA Deskbook

This edition builds on the strength of its predecessor First Edition, and its subsequent updates. The goal of the Editorial Board in creating this Second Edition was to build upon the outstanding foundation of the First Edition by re-writing each section in such a way as to incorporate the previous updates, and any additional changes and developments in the law, into unified articles on the various topics covered in the Deskbook.  As with the First Edition, the Deskbook is still a compilation of articles contributed by many Texas practitioners. 

The Deskbook is organized in the order of interest and questions that a mortgage lender or broker new to Texas law and practices may have when first entering the vast Texas market. It is intended to be an authoritative and convenient reference for residential mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, legal counsel, regulatory compliance officers, and members of other professions and trades that provide services to the residential mortgage lending industry.

Table of Contents {online version - under revision}

Section I Doing Business in Texas
Section II Mortgage Lender and Broker Licensing
Section III Unique Aspects of Texas Property Law
Section IV Consumer Notices and Protections
Section V Restricted Terms and Provisions
Section VI Mortgage Loan Documentation
Section VII Specialized Loan Transactions
Section VIII Title and Closing Practices
Section IX Mortgage Loan Servicing
Section X Collections and Foreclosures
Appendix A Directory of Member Law Firms
Appendix B Directory of Selected Texas Governmental Dept. & Regulatory Agencies

20 to 30 noted practitioners in the fields of residential real estate and mortgage lending law contributed to this publication. Texas attorneys and authors who played a role include:

Editor - Ronald M Bendalin, Esq., McGlinchey Stafford and Youngblood & Bendalin, LLP of Dallas, TX, Associate Editor - Thomas F. Vetters II, Esq. of Robertson & Anschutz, PC of Austin, TX, J. Alton Alsup, Esq., Brown, Fowler & Alsup, PC of Houston, TX, Everett L. Anschutz, Esq., Robertson & Anschutz, PC of Houston, TX, G. Tommy Bastian, Esq., Barrett, Burke, Wilson, Castle, Daffin & Frappier, L.L.P. of Dallas, TX, Ruth W. Garner, Esq., Robertson & Anschutz, PC of Houston, TX, James L. Gosdin, Esq., Stewart Title Guaranty Company of Houston, TX, Charlotte M. Meyer, Esq., Robertson & Anschutz, P.C. of Houston, TX, David Pederson, McGlinchey Stafford and Youngblood & Bendalin, LLP of Dallas, TX, James L. Robertson, Esq., Robertson & Anschutz, P.C. of Houston, TX, J. Scott Sheehan, Greenberg Traurig of Houston, TX, Larry E. Temple, Esq., Law Offices of Larry Temple, P.C. of Austin, TX, Robert R. Wisner, Crain, Caton & James of Houston, TX, Eldon L. Youngblood, McGlinchey Stafford and Youngblood & Bendalin, LLP of Dallas, TX, and Board Liaison - Lisa A. Vercher, Texas Mortgage Bankers Association of Austin, TX


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