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BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE. Responsible for the association’s budget preparation and implementation. It reviews the budget prepared by staff to make sure it is consistent with the association’s goals, program of work and priorities established for a given fiscal term. The committee makes recommendations to the Board as to financial adjustments or changes needed in response to changes in the association’s environment. The Committee also monitors the investment and reserve fund policies for their consistency with the organization’s goals and fiduciary practices relevant to financial management of not-for-profit corp.s. Membership for this committee is outlined in the Bylaws.

Paulina McGrath
Republic State Mortgage
Houston, TX


Amy J. Coke
Polunsky Beitel Green, LLP
Dallas, TX

John Fleming
Law Offices of John Fleming
Austin, TX

Mary Pirrello, AMP
NexBank SSB
Dallas, TX

Mark A. Raskin 
Dallas, TX

Susan T. Stewart             
SWBC Mortgage Corporation
San Antonio, TX

Tom Tallent, CMB,AMP
Cendera Bank, N.A.
Fort Worth, TX 

Lisa A. Vercher
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
p 512.480.8622


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